AKO Digital Thermostats for Beverage-Air Refrigeration Freezers

In the industrial refrigeration sector, where maintaining precise temperature control is paramount, universal OEM replacement thermostats offer a versatile and cost-effective solution. These thermostats ensure compatibility across multiple brands and models, simplifying inventory management and promoting energy efficiency. By investing in universal replacement thermostats, you can enhance the reliability and performance of your industrial refrigeration systems while enjoying the flexibility to adapt to various equipment types.

Below is a list of the AKO Universal OEM Replacement Digital Thermostats for the Beverage-Air Refrigeration and Freezers

When it comes to maintaining precise temperature control in your industrial refrigeration systems, Universal AKO OEM Replacement Digital Thermostats offer versatility and compatibility across a wide range of models and brands. Here’s a breakdown of the compatible systems:

Beverage-Air Horizon Series Refrigerators (Reach-in) – AKO D4120:

Solid Door Refrigerators: HRPS1-1S, HRPS1W-1S, HRPS2-1S, HRPS3-1S
Half-Solid Door Refrigerators: HRPS2-1HS, HRPS3-1HS
Glass Door Refrigerators: HRPS1-1G, HRPS1W-1G, HRPS2-1G, HRPS3-1G
Half-Glass Door Refrigerators: HRPS1-1HG, HRPS2-1HG, HRPS3-1HG

Beverage-Air Horizon Series Freezers – AKO-D14320:

Solid Door Freezers: HFPS1-1S, HFPS1W-1S, HFPS2-1S, HFPS3-5S
Half-Solid Door Freezers: HFPS1-1HS, HFPS2-1HS, HFPS3-5HS
Glass Door Freezers: HFPS2-5G, HFPS3-5G
Half-Glass Door Freezers: HFPS1-1HG, HFPS2-5HG, HFPS3-5HG

Horizon Bottom Mount Reach-in Refrigerators – AKO D14120:

HBR Series Reach-ins: Solid Door Refrigerators – HBR23-1, HBR27-1, HBR49-1, HBR72-1
Glass Door Refrigerators – HBR23-1-G, HBR27-1-G, HBR49-1-G, HBR72-1-G

Horizon Bottom Mount Reach-in Freezers – AKO D14320:

Solid Door Freezers – HBF23-1, HBF27-1, HBF49-1, HBF72-1
Glass Door Freezers – HBF23-1-G, HBF27-1-G, HBF49-1-G, HBF72-5-G

K-series Reach-in Refrigerators – AKO-D14120:

Solid Door Refrigerators – KR24-1AS, KR48-1AS, KR74-1AS
Pass Thru: Half-Solid, Half Glass Door Refrigerator – RID18-HGS
Half-Solid Door Refrigerator – RI18-HS-26

K-series Reach-in Freezers – AKO-D14320:

Solid Door Freezers – KF24-1AS, KF48-1AS, KF74-5AS

HRPS Series Reach-in Refrigerators (Complete S/S Exterior and Interior) – AKO-D14120:

Solid Door Refrigerators – HRPS1-1S, HRPS1W-1S, HRPS2-1S, HRPS3-1S
Half-Solid Door Refrigerators – HRPS3-1HS, HRPS1-1G, HRPS2-1HS, HRPS1-1HS
Glass Door Refrigerators – HRPS1-1G, HRPS1W-1G, HRPS2-1G, HRPS3-1G
Half-Glass Door Refrigerators – HRPS1-1HG, HRPS2-1HG, HRPS3-1HG

HFPS Series Reach-in Freezers (Complete S/S Exterior and Interior) – AKO-D14320:

Solid Door Freezers – HFPS3-5S, HFPS2-1S, HFPS1W-1S, HFPS1-1S
Half-Solid Door Freezers – HFPS3-5HS, HFPS2-1HS, HFPS1-1HS
Glass Door Freezers – HFPS1-1HG, HFPS2-5HG, HFPS3-5HG

Additional Beverage-Air Replacement Parts:

Pass-Thru Refrigerators:
Solid Door: PRD1-1AS, Half Solid Door: PRD1-1AHS, Solid Door: PRD2-1AS, Half Solid Door: PRD2-1AHS, Solid Door: PRD3-1AS, Half Solid Door: PRD3-1AHS
Solid Glass Door: PRD1-1BG, Half Glass Door: PRD1-1BH, Solid Glass Door: PRD2-1BG, Half Glass Door: PRD2-BHG, Solid Glass Door: PRD3-1BG, Half Glass Door: PRD3-1BHG

Roll-In and Roll-Thru Refrigerators:
Models: PRI1-1AS, PRI2-1AS, PRT1-1AS, PRT2-1AS

Prestige Plus Roll-In Freezers:
Top Mounted Roll-In Freezers: PFI1-1AS, PFI2-5AS

With Universal AKO OEM Replacement Digital Thermostats, you can ensure consistent and precise temperature control in a wide variety of industrial refrigeration systems across different brands and models. These thermostats provide reliability and compatibility, making maintenance and temperature regulation more efficient.