Decorative Concrete Makeover Solution

Decorative Concrete Flooring – With infinite potential for design flexibility, concrete is now in the forefront of flooring alternatives that are both attractive and cost effective.

Decorative concrete can transform the traditional colorless concrete into beautiful and unique colored floors. You can now decide which hue of red, brown or any other color you want for that tile look on your pool deck at half the cost of similar flooring options.

In addition, you can embed personal mementos in your new concrete kitchen counters, islands, or floors around the interior or exterior of your home.

From expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways to small remodels showcasing a stunning stained concrete floor, the buzz is continuing around using concrete for decorating.

The concrete mixes that are used for custom decorative concrete are significantly different than the regular concrete mix bought in the home improvement stores. Concrete in its most basic form is made by mixing cement, pebbles, sand, and water. But today, the advancements in concrete tools, concrete stains, textures and patterns, have made concrete much more versatile and durable. Custom decorative concrete requires the right craftsmanship for the job and knowledge of mix designs and knowing the strength limitations of concrete.

Concrete Floors Benefits

  • Concrete flooring can withstand high traffic, spills, and chipping — all while looking as fabulous as a high-gloss marble finish.
  • Decorative concrete overlays are giving homeowners the opportunity to upgrade damaged or out-of-date floors at a lower cost than a complete floor renovation.
  • Concrete overlay can be applied without ripping up existing flooring, thus a whole new look can be created without dramatically impacting the other materials in a room.
  • Perfect for projects requiring an attractive flooring surface that is durable and easy to clean.
  • Concrete floors are an allergy friendly option because they don’t harbor allergens and are easy to clean.
  • Concrete floors are low maintenance, Eco-friendly, improve indoor air quality, and have the ability to create a large and seamless surface.
  • By adding sealants, coatings and texture to the product while still wet, concrete achieves a new look that can be nearly indistinguishable from stone or marble.

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