How to Clean Your Marble Shower

People use marble to decorate their houses, walls, and showers. They make the room more appealing and comfortable.
However, most people dodge constructing their home walls and rooms with these precious stones because they can be difficult to not only manage but clean as well.

In fact, most people who have marble in their houses complain that maintaining a marble bathroom becomes expensive. Some even regret using the marble. Nonetheless, cleaning these stones is a small procedure as long as you have the right cleaning tools. Today, we want to give you some ways you can use to clean different stains found in your marble shower.

1. General Cleaning the Shower

Start by spraying the marble cleaner. Never use a concentrated marble cleaner solution. Instead, add some water according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Ensure that the cleaner is safe for use and can clean the marble very well. You should be watchful when buying a marble cleaner so that you do not buy one that will destroy the marble. Carry out a small research and find different reviews that most marble cleaners have on the internet. Make sure that you spray on every marble surface in your bathroom. Use a microfiber cloth to rub through all the sprayed regions. Use distilled water to remove all the marble cleaner. Use the cloth to wipe down those surfaces. Ensure that you dry every surface using a squeegee. Ensure that no moisture is left. When scrubbing the floor, you can remove the shower drain so that the water can flow into the drainage quickly.

2. Removing Soap Scum

Apply your soap scum remover on the towel. Use it to cover the whole stain. Use the towel to scrub the stain gently. On the other hand, you can use a brush or the toothbrush but ensure that you rub softly. Make sure you move the brush around the stain in small circles. For those who may not have the soap scum remover, you can use a mixture of one gallon of water and a small amount of ammonia to remove the stain. Dry all the soap scum out of the region. Use the towel and distilled water. After drying the surface, you can spray the marble cleaner on the marble to clean it. Also, you should remove the bath drain when washing your bathtub to remove any soap scum accumulation.

3. Removing Mold Build Up On The Marble

Make sure you apply as much mold remover on the stains. Mould can be very complicated to deal with. Additionally, make sure that you cover all the mold stains on the marble.

For those who do not have a mold remover, bleach would work as well. However, you should be careful when using the solution because it can damage the marble. Therefore, you should mix a gallon of water with 2 quarts of bleach. Leave the solution to rest for about 10 minutes. Use your brush to deal with all the stains. Ensure that you brush through the stains gently to keep the marble from destruction. Wipe the remover with the white towel so that you can apply the marble cleaner to wash the marble. See to it that you dry it well.

Extra Tips:
The best way to prevent all these stains from developing in your marble is to clean up your bathroom immediately you use it.
For instance, mold never builds up without moisture. Therefore, wiping all the moisture from the wall prevents mold.
Do not use acidic solutions on the marble. You can use it to clean granite and other surface but not marble. Additionally, make sure that the solution used is the recommended one.

Marble requires proper care for it to last longer. If you have a marble shower, we would love to hear how you clean or take care of it. Be sure to leave a comment. You can also share the article.

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