Stained Glass Windows & Home Décor

Stained glass windows are a complex mosaic of colored glass joined into an intricate pattern. With richly colored glass and intricate cuts one can achieve a wide range of translucent pictures and visual effects.

The origins of the of the art of stained glass windows are lost in time and probably began before recorded history, when humans discovered and learned how to make glass and add color to it by adding metallic salts and oxides.

Today, Stained glass is all around us. It is a fashionable addition to residences, public buildings, churches and synagogues. New homes are frequently embellished with spectacular beveled glass entryways and Tiffany style lampshades. Decorative panels are hanging in a sunny window and marvelous patterns of glass art adorn tables, shelves, and walls. This imaginative form of art can really bring life and character to our homes, offices and places of worship.

Glass art is a way to create a pure atmosphere of light and color, an ambiance inspiring a contemplative state of mind through the transformation of the ordinary into the mystical. That is why medieval craftsmen were more interested in illustrating an idea rather than creating natural or realistic images with this form of art.